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What is a Guardian Home?
Occasionally we have a puppy or dog who is available for a guardian home.  A Guardian Home program allows families to provide a home for one of puppies/dogs.  They can be a young puppy, adolescent or breeding age dog.  Guardian homes usually means when a dog may be placed with discount given or without an initial investment with contractual agreement for breeding rights, of the breeder.  Sometimes breeding is in condition to and or addition to a show contract. In these incidents, the breeder is usually responsible for the dog and all aspects of breeding, caring for the puppies, placement of the puppies etc.  The Guardian family work with the breeder to utilize the puppy/dog in the breeding program. 
Once the contractual agreement has been fulfilled, the puppy/dog is permanently placed, belonging to the Guardian's family for the rest of its life.
What does Co-Owned Mean?
A Co-owned dog/puppy is placed in a home with a responsible family as a family pet, while the breeder retains the breeding rights to the puppy/dog.  The breeder may choose to utilize this dog in their breeding program or may never opt to do so.  Sometimes the puppy/dog may be placed with the conditin it must be actively shown by the co-owners.  A breeder will sometimes agree to arrange for the family to be involved in some part or all of the breeding program.
What is a Foster Home?
 Occasionally, we have a puppy/dog that is needing a temporary short term home.  A family fostering a puppy/dog would be responsible for their daily needs while in there care, including training.  Foster care can be very short termed or longer if necessary time is needed before th epuppy/dog can be placed in their permanent home.  When we have a puppy/dog needing a foster home, we will ask our clients if there is anyone wanting to do so.  It can be a few days, weeks or months.  Each situation is treated individually, so the length of time will depend on each situation.
All of these are great ways for someone who wants to spend time with and love a quality dog/puppy yet not have to spend the investment in purchasing a puppy/dog.  We would be more than happy to help you if you are interested in any of these situations.  We also have opportunity for cleints, young adults or older teens, who want to help with puppy/dog training, loving on them, socializing etc, which is a great opportunity for those who can not afford a dog in their current situation or timing is not ideal for them to own a puppy/dog. 

  If your interested in seeing if you would be a good Guardian home, Co-Owner home or Foster Home, for a puppy/dog.   Please send a detailed E-Mail  describing  your home life, family members, where you life, a typical day at your home/routine etc.  And we will see what we can do to match you up with a puppy/dog that is best suited for you.