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Due to Covid 19, we are limiting general visitation to the farm and following strict guidelines to keep everyone safe. Please email for more information.

Clients with deposits will be scheduled to meet the puppies, when puppies are 7-8 wks old depending on litter size. 

Clients will be scheduled in the order of deposits received, so that they can pick their puppy and then take their puppy home with them.  

Puppy Selection Process:                See above for current modified Covid 19 puppy selection process.
NOTE:  The following is slightly differnt procedures, due to Covid 19 limited visiting to the farm.    

Our goal was designed to ensure the process would be simple to understand, easy for us to utilize, and fair to our clients interested in getting a puppy from our farm.  We have spelled out in the following description of choices for our clients, to decide how much and when you would like to being involved in the initial selection process.  We will do our best to describe how the process works, and then provide descriptions and meanings of each choice for you, so there is no confusion as to what is meant by each choice you have.


Names and numbers for the WAITING LIST.


Deposits for a specific litter, gender, color, size, etc.


Birth of the puppies, we give "HEADS UP NOTICE" to all clients with deposits for the litter and if extra puppies the next people with deposits or on the waiting lists.


Photos  of the newborn litter are taken/updated on website & emailed to clients.  


Group and or individual photos of the puppies are emailed to clients with deposits.  
Clients with deposits in the order received have first choice to SELECT PUPPIES from PHOTOS, if they desire to do so.
For those clients requsting us to pick for them, we will do so. 
If there are more than one client wanting the same puppy at the same time, the client with deposit paid first will get that puppy. 
Some clients will choose to wait to meet the puppies in person, which means chosing from remaining puppies not yet selected. 
We do not keep other clients from selecting puppies if another clients chose to wait to meet the puppies before picking their puppy. 


We will then post individual photos sent to cleints by text email or fb, an sometimes on the website, then anyone is allowed to choose a puppy or place a deposit on ANY puppy that has not yet been chosen.
This includes our waiting list people with no deposits, new clients and any clients who previously placed deposits but have not chosen yet.
If those on the waiting list with no deposits select a puppy, they will need to pay their deposit, in order to hold the puppy.


First showing-meeting puppy day.  Typically on Saturdays 10AM - 2PM, following 7wks of age, depending on ages of all puppies at the farm.
This date & time is set up for the safety of ALL the puppies.  Puppies MUST have their puppy vaccines BEFORE we will allow visitors to meet them.  



Visiting days are usually SATURDAY's 10AM-2PM.  These days are for viewing, playing and bonding with your puppy.  
These days are PRE SET, in ADVANCE, so that we can still have time to care for the animals and attend to our other duties, commitments and our own family. 



Balance is due before you pick up your puppy, unless it is shipped, where upon, payment is due 3 days prior.


 More information for Deposits and how they are used for Puppy Selection Process:
We have amazing dogs from Champion European Bloodlines, many of our dogs are also champions.  More than 95% of our puppies go to repeat clients and their referrals.
You can find clients who have gotten their babies from us, all across the USA, including Alaska & Hawaii and even Mexico and Australia.
Our clients will tell you, our babies are well worth the wait.  When considering getting a puppy from us, please keep in mind, planning ahead by doing an early deposit is highly recommended.
We recommend early deposits as we offer our puppies as they are born, to clients in order of deposits received.
We are typically 1-2 litters out on our deposit waiting list and sometimes even 3-4 depending on time of year.  So, planning ahead is very important if you are wanting to get a puppy from us.

When placing a deposit, we always recommend placing it for the next available puppy, this will give you the most options for puppies as they become available and the puppy selection process.

When puppies are born or become available at anytime, they are offered to clients in order of deposits received for each desired breed.
If anyone with deposits ahead of your deposit, chooses to pass on a puppy, for any reason, then the passed on puppy would be offered to the next client with deposit, and so on, in order of deposits received, until someone chooses the puppy available.

Usually clients will do a deposit for specific breed, color and sex (male or female).  Some clients will just do a breed deposit and are open to color or either male or female.
Some clients will pass on puppies born, while waiting for their specific preferences they desired and requested before choosing their puppy. 
While other clients who may have done deposit for specific color or sex, choose to take one sooner, even if not what they originally did deposits for, taking an alternate color or sex or sometimes even another breed etc, if that means they can get a puppy sooner. 
When this happens, the available puppy (s) are offered to the next client with deposit on that waiting list, and so on, until someone chooses the puppy available.

People that are more flexible on sex and color tend to get puppies sooner than those who are more specific on sex and/or desired color of puppy wanted.

Clients passing on a puppy, do NOT lose their place in order of deposits received, by passing on a puppy.  The next puppies born, will be offered again, to clients in order of deposits received, for the same breed.
Examples for reasons a client may choose to pass on a puppy:  timing/availability of puppies to go home, wanting specific color, wanting Male or Female or waiting for specific parents.
We typically tentatively accepting deposits for "Next Available Puppies" Usually this is a season ahead, meaning:
if Spring/Summer, then we are typically accepting deposits for Summer/Fall puppies or Fall/Winter puppies.  Or if Fall/Winter, then we are usually accepting deposits for our Spring/Summer puppies.
Obviously, we cannot guarantee the color or sex of the puppies born from any litter, until they are actually born, as we have zero control how many male/female or what color or how many will be born.
We tentatively accept deposits for an estimated 8 puppy litter compiled of any combination of 8 total;  4M  4F deposits or Open to either m/f.  This is an average based on "our litter size averages".
Clients are always more than welcome at anytime, to move their deposit to any other available puppy, meaning deposits are always transferable to any other available puppy, regardless of breed, color, sex or age of puppy.
If for any reason a client wanted to switch to another available puppy because they were able to get a puppy sooner or did not want to wait or wanted to get a different puppy or breed of puppy, our clients always have this option.
If a client moves their deposit from one litter of the same breed to another litter, meaning: passes or waiting for another litter/same breed, their deposit is moved in the same date and order as it was received.
Passing on a puppy = moving deposit to the next litter/same breed of puppies with another litter/same breed, does not alter the order of people waiting for puppies,
It MAY however, move people up or down the list for specific sex or color, but in general does not alter the order for clients waiting for puppies from that breed.
When a client requests us to move their deposit to another breed, their deposit is then dated for the date they requested us to move their deposit to the alternate breed of puppies.
We do NOT allow the newly moved deposit to bump the people already with deposits paid that have been already waiting for that specific breed of puppies.
When switching breeds, the date of received deposit is changed because it would alter things for clients that have already been told what deposit order they have.
So we will ONLY move deposits to another breed, with the deposit date for order of puppies to be offered to clients to be changed to the date moved to that we were told to switch breed desired.
That way previous deposits paid are not altered due to someone switching what breed they would like to get a puppy from.
FYI;  sometimes a puppy becomes available and a client with deposit on another breed hears about it and wants the puppy, they have option to move their deposit to the available puppy, so long as there is not someone with a deposit paid ahead of them waiting for that breed of puppy.

The gist of all of this = the more flexible you are for what you want in a puppy ie = male / female or color preference, will also determine how soon you will be offered a puppy. 
Otherwise, remember, the order of deposits paid, determines the order puppies are offered to clients and the puppy selection process order.
We do everything we can to make getting a puppy from us as quickly as possible and always fair to everyone, no matter if you are a new client, a referral client or a repeat client who has gotten several puppies/dogs from us over the last nearly 40yrs.
We strive for everyone to be happy in getting a puppy from us with a fair and very spelled out process, so that there is no confusion for anyone. We take the time to spell out all options clients have when doing a deposit while waiting for their puppy.




Waiting list:

You are welcome to get on the waiting list. There is no commitment on clients part for the purchase of a puppy just to be on the waiting list. 
If you give us your name, phone number, email, address, puppy preference i.e.: litter preference, gender, color, size, etc. 

Birth of Puppies:

Date puppies were actually born. 

Heads Up:

This is where we notify by email or phone, puppies were born, basic description of color and gender of what we will have available.

Marking Puppies:

Puppies are shaved in a specific location to mark what puppy is being held for which client, so there is no confusion as to which puppy belongs to which client.

Visiting Days:


We have PRE Scheduled Days set aside for clients to VISIT their Puppies once they are 7 wks of age.  
We will let everyone know which days and times they are scheduled for, if you are unsure, feel free to ask.  
Please note:   We DO NOT allow visitors to come and handle or meet puppies prior to 7 wks.  

Micro Chipping:


It is an extremely good idea to permanently identify your dog with a tattoo or microchip.  Microchips are the most popular form of permanent identification.  The chip is injected like a shot, just under the skin, between the shoulder blades. The chip can be read at any vet office or humane society.  It is used to identify your puppy/dog when found or provide proof of ownership.  It does NOT hurt your puppy/dog, although sometimes it startles them while we are putting it in.  We do this here at the farm, it is like getting your ears pierced and only takes takes a few minutes. ALL of our puppies are microchiped. For your other animals, your veterinarian can also do this for you.  

Picking up Puppies: 

Final Payment or full payment is due at time of pick up of your puppy.  You will receive your puppies shot record written bill of sale, health guarantee, a puppy packet, getting started hand out.  


The above policy is that of Canyon Meadows Farm and is subject to change without any noitce.