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Kevin's parents got him his first goldens when he was 12 years old.  He immediately found great pleasure in both Ginger and Beau.  He raised his first litter when he was 12 yrs old.   Kevin grew up raising retrievers, with outstanding lines and together we have created a great breeding program over the years. Having over 38+ years in breeding these retriever's lines, we have built an outstanding reputation.  It is not uncommon for families & their friends to have 2-4 dogs from our lines over the years.  Everyone loves our goldens, with their excellent temperment, gorgous looks, sweet, outgoing, willing to please dispositons. We are very picky in choosing appropriate dogs to breed, to ensure that our breeding program continues to be outstanding in health, looks, and temperments.  If you would like to learn more about the Golden Retrievers, there is a link below with some great information.  If you would like to see more of our offspring, previous litters, or our dogs over the years, click on the links below.  Some are current photos, and some are of our lines over the last 40 years.  We have great references, and many more photos.  We like to show off our dogs, so there is lots to see.  Please be patient as it may take a minute to upload.  If you are interested in getting a golden puppy, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you. Thanks for looking, enjoy the photos!

If you are wanting to get on our waiting list for either furture puppies or adult dogs when available, Please email us your information and we will do our best to match you up with the appropriate puppy and or adult dog that best suits your needs.

We had too many photos on the puppy page and added a new set of pages for the current puppies available. There is a link for them on the puppy page. Just click the puppy page and then click the link for available puppies. You will find the names of mom's who currently have puppies. Just click the mom whos litter you would like to see and it will take you to their page with tons of photos for you to enjoy.   Sorry for the confusion, we hope this helps with the time it takes to upload each page for you as well.


Full English Creme & American / English Creme Golden Retriever's

Blocky ~ Calmer ~ Very Devoted Family Dog  Friendly, Social Water dog, that loves to Retrieve

American ~ English Creme Champion Golden Retriever     &      Full English Creme Champion Golden Retriever Puppies
Male &  Female $2500  - $3000                                    Male  &  Female $3000-$3500

Full English Creme Champion European Bloodlines Darker Medium Color Golden Retriever's
Male  &  Female  $ 3000- $ 3500  
See below for more details or Email or Call for more information.
 Puppy info and Photos on the Available Puppy Page, Link at top left corner of page.

We raise ~       Full American Golden Retriever's       Full English Creme Golden Retriever's       American ~ English Creme Golden Retriever's.
We breed the combination of American & English Creme Retrievers to get the best of both Retrievers and to
help keep the cost down for our clients wanting the traits of an English Creme pup.  Prices will vary depending on the litter 
and breeding combination.  This is because some will throw more English traits, in looks and confirmation. 

This is an amazing cross of  Our Traditional Calm American lines  and  our beautiful English Creme' Retrievers.
Known for being WHITE in color, BLOCKY confirmation, extremly CALM, LOYAL to their family & LOVE the WATER.

Occasionally litters are produced specifically so that CMF may keep pups for future mommies or for show pups.  
Upon occasion, CMF will be keeping Female Puppies.  
 Please note:  During that time, there will be limited females available for clients,
 IF any, available Female's from any of those litters, they will be offered to clients with deposits in order of deposits paid.  
In addition, CMF reserves first options from ANY and ALL listters when keeping pups for CMF, no matter the clients deposit order.  

All of our puppies are very social, imprinted at birth, and handled daily.  They are all raised with indoor/outdoor environments with puppy doors right from the start so they will know that they should go outside to potty.  We are often told that our pups have little to no accidents and are virtually housebroken, although we tend to tell people about 80% at the time they leave us.   Our puppies receive first shots and deworming as well as any further shots needed while in our care, health guarantee, and we also offer micro chipping.  Our puppies are very submissive and extremely easy to train.  We provide you with a great getting started hand out, to help out in the preparation of bringing home your new pup.  This handout was written from our most frequently asked questions, it covers things like getting a good puppy book and recommends one.  And what puppy food, toys, beds, crates we would recommend.  When and how to's with bathing, fleas, collars, when its okay to go for walks, in public places as well as when to attend puppy class.  What shots will be needed and when.  etc.   We also provide you with a puppy packet to take home with you.  We are always eager to answer questions and help in raising our offspring.  You can expect a life time of support when you get a puppy from our farm.

AKC Reg. Purebred Golden Retriever
American Dam & English Creme Sire 
Male ~ Female   $2500 - $3000
Very Limited Availablity
Email for Next Available

AKC Reg. Purebred Golden Retriever
Full English Creme
Male ~ Female  $3500
Accepting Deposits 
Email for more information

AKC Reg. Purebred Golden Retriever
Full American Golden Retriever 
Male ~ Female 
Very Limited Availablity
Email for more information



AKC Registered Golden Retriever's 

English Creme  ~ American 

Light Medium ~ Light Blonde Color

Best of both breedings