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Full English Creme Light Whiter and Darker European Golden Retriever's available 

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For Deposits:  We require $1500 deposit Balance due on/before picking up puppies.  (see below for more information)

We ONLY accept Zelle, Cashier Check (USA Bank Only) or Cash in Person.
(We do NOT accept personal checks)

To send deposit via Zelle, please use: Katrina Schmidt 253-431-6347 canyonmeadows@msn.com or canyonmeadows@hotmail.com

Make Payable to:  Canyon Meadows Farm
                     12112 52nd Ave E
               Tacoma 98446
Zelle there is NO Serevice Fee 

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Golden Mountain Dog Puppies


Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies




Shipping Information


You are welcome to get on the waiting list. There is no commitment on clients part for the purchase of a puppy just to be on the waiting list.
Please remember, being on the waiting list does NOT guarantee you a puppy.  It merely puts you on a list for us to notify that we have a puppy that suits what you were inquiring about. 
Keep in mind, we ONLY send out updates to the waiting list, when we have puppies available.  
If you give us your name, phone number, email, address, puppy preference i.e.: litter preference, gender, color, size, etc. 

More than 95% of our puppies go to repeat clients or their referrals.  We are typically a litter or 2 out for a waiting list with deposits.  So we do recommend early deposits as we offer puppies to clients in the order of deposits received.
We encourage you to place a deposit if you are wanting to wait for a puppy, as all of our babies go very quickly.  Most of the time, all of our puppies are spoken, for well before they are born.  Also, if you would like a specific breed or a specific combination of parents, specific color or gender, or a specific time of year such as during the holidays or spring-summer etc. This will ensure you a more likely chance of getting exactly what you are looking for.  Deposits are used to determine the order of available puppies for which client in order received.  I always encourage a deposit for the next available puppy.  That way as soon as anything is available,  you would be offered a puppy, as puppies are offered to clients in order of deposits received.  Clients can then choose to take that puppy or pass and wait for the better timing etc, But it always gives clients the option to choose when they are ready this way.  And if clients choose to pass at anytime on a puppy, they still stay in the same order of deposits received, so it just moves clients up the list as other clients with deposits ahead you choose puppies.   Keep in mind, sometimes clients will do a deposits for a specific breed, color or sex and then later decide they want a puppy sooner and will take an alternate color of breed puppy or will take an opposite sex.  When this happens, it moves clients with deposits after them up the list sooner to get a puppy.  People that are more flexible on sex and color are apt to get a puppy sooner than those that are more specific with sex or color.
We cannot guarantee the sex or color of puppies until they are born.  We accept deposits tentatively for litter of 8, for an average, 4 male and 4 female.  Obviously we cannot control what sex the puppies are born or the size of litters either, until they are born.   We post updates as soon as puppies are born to the clients with deposits and then to the website and facebook if we have any extra puppies available for new deposits.   Clients are always welcome to move deposits to any other available puppy at anytime, meaning deposits are always transferable to any available puppy, regardless of breed, color, sex or age.  If for any reason clients wanted to switch to another available puppy because they did not want to wait or wanted a different puppy, clients always have this option.  
Deposits do NOT "lock in the price" of a puppy, UNLESS the puppy has already been born, the price has been confirmed as you are placing a deposit on a specific puppy with price already stated.  
This is because there are too many variables when it comes to pricing puppies depending on breeding combinations, show quality, sex, color etc.  
Timing is also a reason that deposits do not lock in a price.  For example, doing a deposit and then taking a puppy home within a week or two, verse taking a puppy home 6mo or a year out.  Prices are subject to change, without notice.  
Keep in mind the market and our expenses all change as well.  So again, Deposits do NOT lock in the price of a puppy. Prices are subject to change without notice, as our expenses increase and market changes. 

Deposits for our Puppies ~ We require $1500.00 deposit to hold a choice of male/female or color etc. or specific litter, or to be on the waiting list to ensure you will get a puppy in order of availability.
1/2 of this deposit is non refundable for any reason.  The remaining final balance on any puppy is due at the pick up of the puppy unless the puppy is being shipped, then full payment must be made 3 days prior to shipping date.  
Receipt of Deposit:

Basic deposit receipt will be given at the first meeting puppies day or emailed to you when payment is received or for shipped pups.  For Zelle or Pay pal your transaction receipt will be your basic payment receipt.
Refund of Deposit:

If we are unable to provide you with original desired color or gender, you will have choice in order of deposits on the deposit waiting list for the next available litter.  
If you are unhappy with the puppy you have chosen or have changed your mind for any reason, you may choose to get half of the total refundable portion of your deposit refunded to you.
We want to do everything possible to do our part in creating a positive experience in getting a new puppy and we will work with you to do so.  
Birth of Puppies:

Date puppies were actually born.

Heads Up:

This is where we notify by email or phone, that the pups were born, basic description of color and gender of what we will have available.

Marking Puppies:

Puppies are shaved in a specific 
 location to mark what puppy is being held for which client, so there is no confusion as to which puppy belongs to which client.

Picking Up Puppies:

Final Payment or full payment is due at time of pick up of your puppy.  You will receive your puppies shot record/bill of sale, health guarantee, a puppy packet, getting started hand out and micro-chip information paperwork.