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When purchasing a puppy or dog from our farm, we provide you with a puppy packet to take home with you.  All of our puppies and dogs are micro-chipped, given veterinarian recommended vaccines, de-worming and monthly flea prevention/treatment.  The packet includes your formal paperwork, including your Bill of Sale, written Health Guarantee, Micro-Chip paperwork, shot, flea treatment and De-worming record, when you pick up your puppy or dog. We provide you with a great getting started handout, to help  in the preparation of bringing home your new puppy.  Our hand out was written from our most frequently asked questions.  It includes when it is okay to go for walks in public places, grooming, boarding as well as when to attend puppy class.  We are always eager to answer questions and help in raising our offspring.  You can expect a lifetime of support when you get a puppy from our farm. 

Health Guarantee:
We have been raising dogs for 35+ years and have many generations of history on them we have personally raised, with excellent health and consistency in looks and temperament. Most health issues are caused by a recessive gene.  Meaning that the health condition can be passed on from numerous generations and usually skips generations ultimately coming from a grandparent or such.  We have raised many generations of history on most of our dogs and feel very confident we have and are producing healthy offspring as well as staying clear of serious health conditions.  In addition, we do not knowingly breed dogs that are related in any way, nor do we knowingly breed dogs known to have any hereditary issues.  We as breeders, base our health guarantees on the history of our dogs/puppies, our OFA certifications and from the direct feed back of information from puppy owners of the puppies we have placed over the years.  Many families have come back over the years with their friends and family buying second and third pups from us, and compliment us daily on the wonderful, gentle, smart, healthy, loving pups they have gotten from us. We are currently placing our puppies in over 95% repeat clients and their referrals, this is so rewarding to us. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and their referrals ;O)

Spay/Neuter Contract:

Here at Canyon Meadows Farm, we work very hard to provide clients with healthy great looking dogs with excellent temperaments.  We have nearly 40 years experience breeding and raising dogs.  We have put well over 25+ years in developing bloodlines that we are very happy with in confirmation, health and temperament.  With that said, we reserves the right as dog/litter owners to limit the registration of our puppies.  We do so by placing our offspring with limited registration, so that we can ensure that our offspring are not used as breeders and can control the present and future out come of our offspring from our lines.  There is more information on the spay/neuter link below.  When purchasing a puppy from Canyon Meadows Farm, it is understood that our puppies are sold as "family pets" and/or "hunting dogs" they are not sold as breeders.  It is also understood that UNLESS there is a co ownership contract agreement and written agreement in place, that the offspring purchased from our farm, would not be placed or sold as a breeder.  Breeding any of our offspring without a co ownership contract would be a violation of the purchase agreement.  There are many reasons we do not sell our offspring as breeders and we would be more than happy to explain to you.  
If you are just wanting breeding stock we are not the place to get a puppy from.  We spend years in developing our lines and take great pride in doing so.  This allows us to have first hand knowledge of what our offspring's health will be, along with the confirmation and personality/temperaments of our babies.  With all our years of breeding and history of our bloodlines in our dogs and offspring, we are able to provide you with a lot of extras a lot of people can not offer you.  So with that said, when you purchase a puppy from us, you also get a written health guarantee from us with the many years and generations behind it that we have personally raised on these bloodlines. 

All of Canyon Meadows offspring/puppies/dogs are sold/placed  with Limited Registration.  This means that they are sold as family pets and not as breeding stock.  In purchasing a puppy/offspring from our farm you agree to enter a spay/neuter or sterilize contract agreement.  This means that you agree to spay/neuter the pup before 6 mo of age.  It is very important for dogs being bred to have adequate history of many generations on their health, temperament, and confirmation. We as breeders hand select which offspring we will use to breed.  Breeding stock must be of appropriate age/weight health, temperament and promote the same in their future offspring.  It is crucial that adequate dogs are bred and bred to same.  We have put many years of work in to the history and temperaments of our dogs and offspring, many of which we have raised 5 & 6 generations.  It is important for breeders to protect the integrity of their dogs/offspring.  We do not promote "back yard breeding" this is where someone just buys a dog and breeds it to "have a litter" for the "fun of it" or to obtain financial gain.  Any breeder will tell you that many, many years of hard work are placed in breeding dogs, and that it is not for everyone.  Therefore, most breeders limit the registration of offspring to ensure the dogs are well cared for and that the breeding is done by the breeders and not the back yard people wanting to become a breeder.  We do this so we can keep our lines clean and free of health issues, and to ensure that our offspring are well cared for.  If you are interested in Full Registration, for whatever the reason,  please contact us with your information and reasons for wanting full registration, and we will discuss the reasons and options, and get back to you.

Feel free to check it out and to ask questions if you have any we would be more than happy to answer.

We STRONGLY recommend using a crate when training a puppy or dog. This is most helpful with potty training and or times when you are not available to supervise your puppy/dog. We use them for our own puppies when potty training and as adults our puppies/dogs still like to use them. Dogs like crates and treat them like a cave or their bedroom providing a safe haven sense of security for the them. We also use them when shipping puppies to clients. Occasionally we end up with extra's and have a few "Gently Used" available for you to purchase at a discount over buying them new. We like to keep photos on line for you as well, so you can see what we are referring to when we recommend a crate for training purposes.  Email for current available used crates.  Please email for prices for crates if your interested in purchasing a pre-owned crate at a discount over new prices.

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