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We do offer shipping on our puppies.  Seattle International Airport is the closest airport for us to ship from.
 Shipping is very safe.  We have shipped our pups to all across the USA, Alaska and even to Mexico.
If you are planning to fly with your puppy, you can buy a carry on bag/crate for your puppy, as long as it is still small enough to fly under your feet/seat.
Feel free to ask more questions about shipping. We have also given the following links for you to click on for more information from the airlines directly. 

We prefer to ship Tuesday - Thursday from 10-3pm. 
Puppies must be 8-9 weeks or older for us to ship them OR 8wks for carry on, taken with client on their flight.
Prior to shipping, they must get a health certificate from a licenses veterinarian within 10days of the date of flight.
Puppies and Dogs MUST be shipped in appropriate an airline safe crate.    
Our rates for shipping are $125.00 for puppies 25 lbs or less, which includes delivery to the airport, health exam/health certificate to fly, food and airline safe crate.
For adult dogs,  prices are more due to the weight of dog and crate size needed, so count on 75-100$ for a crate plus 75-100 for vet exam, health certificate and delivery to airport 
Airfare rates vary from state to state, it is best to ask us where you would like us to ship to and we can point you in the right direction for a quote or we can do that for you as well.  

Alaska Air Cargo Rate Calculator

United Air Cargo

Delta Air Cargo Rate Calculator