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AKC Registered Bernese Mountain 

Black Tan/Rust White color 

Extra Calm Quiet Temperaments 

Extremely Loyal, Devoted,

In Love with their owners 



Bernese Mountain Dogs

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Once you meet a berner, you are over come with joy and facination.  They are such gentle giants,  strong, agile, loyal an extremely kind breed.  They have wonderfully shiny, slightly wavy, black coats with rust and white trim to enhance their prominent features. They were bred to pull carts as well as herd and protect cattle.  However, in the United States, they are a very pampered and loved family dog.  They are fantastic with kids and are loving, loyal companions to the entire family.  When getting a berner, you are truly getting a wonderful addition to your family.  Berners are personable and friendly.  They love to be involved with whatever you are doing. Regardless of whether you go on walks, runs, camping, hiking or to the park, they always want to be at your side.  They are very touchy feely, wanting to be near you at all times,  in your lap or laying at your feet.  They will often want to walk right between your legs, so they can be as close to you as they can get.  Bernese are easy to train and they live to please.  They can be a bit shy or aloof to new people, however, for the most part they are very outgoing and love to go places.  We have yet to meet someone who is not facinated and amazed with their gorgeous looks, agility, stamina, and gentle dispositons.   When we have vistors at the farm, everyone of course wants to see them,  falling in love with them at first sight.  They are a remarkable and unique breed of dogs.  In owning a bernese, you truly feel blessed and privileged.  

If you are interested in learning more about Bernese Mountain Dogs, there is more information on the Berner link below.  We have a great selection of photos for you to enjoy in the links below, so please be paitent while they upload.  If you are interested in adopting a Berner, feel free to email for more information, we wil be happy to help.  We offer a lifetime of support when getting a puppy from our farm.  

If your interested in getting a gorgeous Bernese Puppy, click the puppy link above for more information.

Please email for more current information and availability. as we do not get a chance to update the website as often as we would like, we are often busy working on the farm or simply enjoying the animals. As always, more photos be up soon, thank you for being patient.  
Be sure to email or give us a call if you have any questions.  We would be more than happy to help.


All of our puppies are very social, imprinted at birth, and handled daily.  It is very important to make sure that bernese pups are well socialized as young pups, as this can effect their personalities as adults.  We always make sure all of our puppies are extremely well socialized, and do not place them in homes until we are sure they are ready and our clients understand the importance of continuing socializing and practicing meeting & greeting new people.  All of our puppies are all raised with indoor/outdoor environments with puppy doors right from the start so they will know that they should go outside to potty.  We are often told that our pups have little to no accidents and are virtually housebroken, although we tend to tell people about 80% at the time they leave us.   Our puppies are American Kennel Club registered, with registered parents.  Our parents are Certified for hips with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  Our puppies receive first shots and de-worming as well as any further shots needed while in our care, health guarantee, and micro-chipping.  Our puppies are very submissive and extremely easy to train.  We provide you with a great getting started hand out, to help out in the preparation of bringing home your new pup.  This handout was written from our most frequently asked questions, it covers things like getting a good puppy book and recommends one.  And what puppy food, toys, beds, crates we would recommend.  When and how to's with bathing, fleas, collars, when its okay to go for walks, in public places as well as when to attend puppy class.  What shots will be needed and when.  etc.   We also provide you with a puppy packet to take home with you.  We always encourage our clients to take their puppies to puppy class for training and socializing.  We are always eager to answer questions and help in raising our offspring.  You can expect a life time of support when you get a puppy from our farm.

Please email for more current information, and availability as we do not get a chance to update the website as often as we would like, we are often busy working on the farm or simply enjoying the animals. Photos be up soon, thank you for being patient, be sure to email or give us a call if you have any questions, we would be more than happy to answer.


Some of our puppies being born with the help of our wonderful Friend, Reprocutive Specialist Vet Dr. Cindy Smith via C-section.  

We take great pride in partisipating in all aspects of breeding and raising our dogs & offspring.  Here are some quick photos just prior to us getting busy rubbing puppies to wake them and welcome them in to the world. 


Our puppies come with shots de-worming, micro-chipping, puppy packets including food, getting started hand out based on our most frequently asked questions, and a life time support in raising your puppy from our farm.  All our puppies are current on all shots and de-worming when they leave us.  We strive to get as many shots and de-worming done prior to them leaving as we can.  This makes our puppies are very healthy and extremely safe to enter the big world out there without having to panic about exposure to disease and illness.  This is also a huge savings for our clients.  Please be re assured, we will go over all of your paperwork and shot information just prior to your leaving with your new puppy so that it is fresh in your mind as to what steps are needed next to continue with your shots and de-worming to ensure proper health for your puppy. For more information feel free to email or give us a call if you have more questions.

 Please enjoy the photos, pups always seem to have shavings stuck to their hair, from sticky puppy milk so you'll have to excuse the messy hair. Thank you for being patient & keep checking back for more current photos of the new puppies.

If your interested in getting a Bernese puppy 
we would be more than happy to help you.      You are welcome to go to the puppy selection page/link below for more information.   

You are always welcome to leave a deposit on what sex and markings you are most interested in and we will do our best to get you the puppy with the temperament/markings and gender you are wanting.  We strive to provide you with plenty of information to help in the selection process.


  Bernese Mountain Dogs are very calm, friendly & social, very much in love with their families.  

They are kind, loving and extra gentle dogs. 

Click the link above in upper left corner of the page "Available Puppies" for more information.  


Email for more information for more information

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 Golden Mountain Dogs = GMD

Dam ~ Bernese Mountain ~ Sire ~ English Creme Puppies

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There is more information on our waiting list, our puppy selection proces, and deposits, as well as meeting and visting these puppies on the Puppy Selection Process page, the link to it is located at the bottom of this page. 

Feel free to email or call for more information.