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We have extremely healthy lines, and want to continue to produce healthy offspring.  Many of our Female's share the same bloodlines, on the dams side. When our Female's or their offspring are bred from the same bloodlines we know and trust, without inbreeding or crossing related bloodlines, it allows us more offspring to compare to with same genetic make up, or similar genetic breeding's, so that we can have more numbers to compare so that we can have better control of what we are breeding into our lines.  This also helps us to eliminate hip, eye, and other hereditary issues.  To Clairify, we do not breed dogs realted to one another as ths also can create genetic health issues.  Our female's have some of the same bloodlines, but are not bred to males that they are related to.

Some of our Breeding Females     or      Future Breeding Females

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Our Retired Golden's over the last 38 years. 

Retired Golden Retriever's