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Our Canyon Meadows Farm Face Book Page is finally back up!
It was accidentally deleted as duplicate by FB last summer, we lost many years of cleints photos and comments. 

We would love for all our family, friends and of course all our clients to visit us on Face Book.  You can find us by clicking the links below.

If you are already friends with us, be sure to go to CANYON MEADOWS FARM FB page.

Please feel free to share pictures! We love to see our babies, watch them grow with your families and we love to keep in touch with all of our clients!

Canyon Meadows Farm

Face Book ~ Links

Katrina Schmidt

You can also rate us, write a review and recommend us.

Hope to see everyone on there!

Welcome to Canyon Meadows Farm

Canyon Meadows is our family-run hobby farm.  We have several types of animals, including our Scottish Highlander cattle, Bernese Mountain Dogs, American Golden Retrievers, English Creme' Retrievers, goats, and our Paints & Quarter Horses.  Our farm is a very casual, warm, and friendly place to visit; a place where everyone feels welcome.  Regardless of your age and interests, you will enjoy a visiting Canyon Meadows farm.  

Our entire family grew up on farms, raising beef cattle, horses, goats, and dogs. Our love for animals and the farm life has always been a passion of ours, and our 3 children love growing up on the farm.  We take great pride in our family and all of our animals.   

The farm is always busy with a variety of activities, so no one will feel left out here!  Everyone loves coming for a visit, whether it is a love for the puppies, riding the horses, taking a walk through beautiful trails, or feeding bread to the Scottish Highlander Cattle- there is definitely something for everyone. No one can resist playing with our puppies, whether a Retriever or a Bernese puppy, they are all so much fun and full of love-- they truly melt like butter when you hold them.   We also raise and train a small group of horses.  Our objective is to raise quiet, well-mannered, safe, and sane horses. We make sure that they have a great start under saddle with a good mixture of discipline. Our horses feel confident with both English/jumping and western/trail.  In doing so we feel our horses have a great foundation to advance in any direction.  We also offer riding lessons (both English and Western), training, and boarding here on our 22 acre farm.   
We have broken our web site into different areas, where you can get more indepth  information on the area that interests you of our farm from our dogs/kennel, highlander cattle and horses/stable facility.  We love to show off our farm and all the animals and so do all of our clients, so there are always lots of photos.   I am constantly loading more photos & updates to the web pages.  This is a fairy time consuming process, I appreciate everyone's patience while I do my best to get everything updated in a timely manner.  We do have a full farm though, and the farm animals needs and family must come first.  I am constantly working on updates though, as I like to keep things organized and as updated as often as I can, working on the website between my other farm & family duties. 
To help the photos upload faster,  you can adjust your monitor's Viewing Page Size, this will help show the full page of the website.  I set the pages to be viewed at 100% and when working on the website,  I set mine to 80%, because I have a larger computer screen, it helps me to be able to see everything more clearer and everything is on the screen for me to see without having to scroll from side to side.  
 Please be paitent while it may take a few minutes for your computer to load them.  Enjoy the photos! 


"Now that's a lot of Dog Food"

When out on the farm we do not carry the phones with us because I drop them in water muck or lose or break them.  So, IF you get the machine...

Please leave a detailed message and we promise to get back to you asap.  

If the cell phone has a full voice mail, please forgive me, it fills up quickly and I am often outside working.  

You can also shoot me an email too, Thanks =O)

If you are New to our Farm, Please call or E-mail ahead of time to set up an appointment, 

so that we can make sure we have time to spend with those of you coming to the farm for the first time so that we can answer all of your questions.

Canyon    Meadows    Farm    Puppies


AKC Registered Golden Retriever's 

English Creme White Creme color 

Extra Calm Quiet Temperaments 

Loyalty, In Love with their owners 

Love for the water & to Retrieve! 




AKC Registered Golden Retriever's 

English Creme Sire ~ American Dam

Light Medium ~ Light Blonde Color

Best of both breedings



AKC Registered Bernese Mountain 

Black Tan/Rust White color 

Extra Calm Quiet Temperaments 

Extremely Loyal, Devoted,

In Love with their owners 



Bernese Dam ~ English Creme Sire
Best of Both Breeds
Black Tan/Rust, Tri or Black/White 
Gentle Playful Calm Temperaments
Loyalty, In Love with their owners 


An Extra Special  "THANK YOU" To ALL Of Our Clients  =)

     For all of our clients, we would like to specially thank all of our clients for choosing to get a puppy or horse from our farm.  We want to "Thank You All"  for your continued patronage and let you all know how much we appreciate your loyalty to our family, our animals and our farm.

We would also like to send out an "EXTRA SPECIAL ~ THANK YOU"   to all of you who refer new clients to us and those who are repeat clients.   Each Year, 80% - 90%  of our clients come from referrals or repeat clients.  We want you to know how much we appreciate all of your referrals.  Your continued patronage is most appreciated.   

We are Now offering Payment Options and Other Payment Options for our clients, to help you all be able to get that "Special Puppy" you have always wanted.  You can click Other Payment Options, and or Email me for more details.  Unfortunately, we can not offer this on ALL of our Puppies, there are certain litter combinations or certain breeds we can not do so and or if a puppy has been discounted already.   But, feel free to email us and we will let you know which we can do this for. 

UPDATE: Our computer crashed last year, so we are trying to do our best to update our client list, please help us out by sending us snail mail or email, your current info, including any name changes, current email, home phone, cell phone address, P.O. Box, or mailing address.  We'd also love so see any photos of your babies,  both hard copies mailed to us for our farm scrap book and also email photos, so we can add them to our website.  Include the weight, sex and name of your dog, it helps us to match up photos with owners :).

We hope everyone is enjoying their puppies/horses from our farm.   As always, be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to help.  We love our animals very much and love to see you all so happy with your "puppy/dog family members" from our lines. :)