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We have been raising dogs for over 30 years and have many generations of history on them we have personally raised, with excellent health and consistency in looks and temperament. Most health issues are caused by a recessive gene.  Meaning that the health condition can be passed on from numerous generations and usually skips generations ultimately coming from a grandparent or such.  We have raised many generations of history on most of our dogs and feel very confident we have and are producing healthy offspring as well as staying clear of serious health conditions.  In addition, we do not knowingly breed dogs that are related in any way, nor do we knowingly breed dogs known to have any hereditary issues.  We as breeders, base our health guarantees on the history of our dogs/puppies, our OFA certifications and from the direct feed back of information from puppy owners of the puppies we have placed over the years.  Many families have come back over the years with their friends and family buying second and third pups from us, and compliment us daily on the wonderful, gentle, smart, healthy, loving pups they have gotten from us. We are currently placing our puppies in over 95% repeat clients and their referrals, this is so rewarding to us. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and their referrals ;O)

Our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health to the best of our knowledge, at the time you receive them.  Local buyer will have 7-14 days, depending on last vaccines given, to have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged to do so.  If the veterinarian finds anything seriously wrong with the puppy, return the puppy immediately with a letter from the veterinarian and it will be exchanged for another puppy of equal value once one is available, no veterinarian fees will be paid.  If the puppy shows any signs of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, or not eating, the breeder is to be notified immediately (within 24hrs) and the puppy is to be returned if requested by the breeder.  The breeder assumes no responsibility on the puppy after leaving the premises, medical expenses, mortality, or for any other reason.  In addition, we will guarantee against congenital dyspepsia, for 12mo.  Buyer must provide breeder with documentation from a OFA certifying veterinarian along with the radio-graphs.  Health guarantee will be invalid if we are not notified in any event with in 7 days of diagnosis.  In the event that this should happen, the pup/dog would need to be returned to the breeder within 7 days, and will be replaced with a pup/dog from the next litter available.  After a pup leaves the premises of course, we can no longer  be responsible for any kind of accidental death or from any contagious disease or other illnesses contracted outside of our immediate and direct control. 
Buyers that are having us ship their puppy/dog will have 72 hrs upon receiving them, to have them checked by a licensed veterinarian and is urged to do so.  Puppies being shipped will also require a health exam and health certificate before shipping.  We are happy to do this, however, please remember this must be done Monday - Friday, by a licensed veterinarian.  So please plan accordingly.