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Occasionally we have adult dogs we are retiring, and we will list them on this page, or Occasionally we have a family who's situation has changed and they are no longer able to keep their dog or puppy.  We always take back any of our offspring that their owners can not keep.  We have them bring the dog or/puppy back to us and we evaluate them so that we can decide what type of home they would be best suited for and then we do our best to match them up with a great family looking for a dog or puppy that suits their individual needs as well.  Sometimes this is a fairly quick transition and sometimes it is a much longer transition, in either case we provide both the dog or puppy as well as the family a life time support of help in raising that dog or puppy.

In order to continue breeding, we retire our dogs at a reasonable age, so that they can live a longer life.  Dogs that are over bred tend to live shorter lives.  We also must create more room for our younger dogs that will eventually replace the retiring adults in our breeding program.  Our dogs love it here on the farm, and get so much love and attention.  When they are retired into an individual home, they get even more specific "your the king" or "your the princess" of this home, attention.  It makes them very happy to become "the one" getting the special extra attention.

When we have anything available, they will be listed below. Occasionally we have adult or younger dogs available. If you are interested in any of the adult or younger dog on this page, please give us a call or email us and we will gladly see if they are a good match for you. We will then set up an appointment for you to meet one another. Please email us a good paragraph of your home life, your family situation and information on a day in the life in your home. This will allow us more information on matching you up with a perfect family pet, as well as a great match for the dogs needs. This page is updated as often as possible but feel free to email or give us a call for more information and to see what is currently available.