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Payment Options


Cash is preferred form of payment or Cashier Check or Money Order.        

             Please note:  We DO NOT accept personal checks 


We also accept: Credit Card if paid by using pay pal.

 Pay Pal charges 2.9% Fee to use pay pal.

Clients MUST included pay pal fee with payments for us to accept pay pal payments.


When making utilizing pay pal please use either of our email addresses:

canyonmeadows@msn.com or canyonmeadows@hotmail.com 

If you wish to use this to send your deposit or final payment etc, here are some steps on how to do so:

Log on to PayPal.com official site.

If you have a pay pal account go to send money, if you do not you will need to set up an account and then go to send money.

When on the send money page, you will need to put our email address in the space for whom you are sending money.

In the space for what it is, please put "other" and then in the memo you will put that it is for : berner/lab/golden puppy/dog, and where its marked or sex, etc,

Pay pal charges us 2.9% fee to receive, so you will need to add this to your total, that you send.

It is a very small fee for them to let us utilize their escrow service and you to be able to have the opportunity to use your credit card or debit card.

If you use your bank account and send funds that way, there are no fees for us to receive.

We do not have a credit card or debit card machine to receive payments here at the farm, so please do pay pal payments on your smart phone or computers at home.

NEW PAY PAL ACCOUNTS:  take couple days to become verified member and can utilize credit cards when paying with pay pal. 


Pay Pal is a very safe and secure website/escrow company it is used by E-Bay members and others around the world for sending and receiving money.

We use it in our own purchases as well as sending money and or receiving any money.

Receipt: pay pal will give you an email with receipt that money has been sent, please print and keep this for your records/receipt.