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We STRONGLY recommend using a crate when training a puppy or dog. This is most helpful with potty training and or times when you are not available to supervise your puppy/dog. We use them for our own puppies when potty training and as adults our puppies/dogs still like to use them. Dogs like crates and treat them like a cave or their bedroom providing a safe haven sense of security for the them. We also use them when shipping puppies to clients. Occasionally we end up with extra's and have a few "Gently Used" available for you to purchase at a discount over buying them new. We like to keep photos on line for you as well, so you can see what we are referring to when we recommend a crate for training purposes.  Email for current available used crates.  Please email for prices for crates if your interested in purchasing a pre-owned crate at a discount over new prices.

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