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Please keep in mind, we have a busy farm with animals to care for, daily chores and projects to tend to.  

We also have a family and other obligations, so we are not always available for visitors.     

We need to set up a specific time for client appointments.     We are ONLY available for visitors by APPOINTMENT.  

CLOSED:  Sunday's and some Holiday's

Please Read the following for our SAFETY - HEALTH - REQUEST for anyone planning to come to visit to our farm and meet our animals.

We would request everyone that is planning on visiting our farm, to come to straight from your home to our farm, with clean clothes ~ clean shoes on with  NO contact with other animals.  If you plan to see other puppies from other places, PLEASE: let us know and make arrangements to our place first for the safety of our puppies and our other dogs. Please take the time to read the following and you will understand why we strongly make this very personal request. There are many diseases out there that can be carried by humans to dogs, and or by other animals. The worst one being PARVO, which is a disease that kills puppies and makes adult dogs very deathly sick. Parvo is a dander in the coat of animals, it can be transfered when petting, holding or touching animals,  or in the stool of dogs/puppies or their saliva. It can be carried on your clothes shoes, hands and even your belt buckle. It passes from dogs/puppies humans as quickly and easily as the common cold. We do everything we can to protect our farm & our puppies from disease & illness. However, not everyone does. Puppies are not old enough to vaccinate with puppy shots until they are 6-8 weeks of age. Please remember that it takes a full regular set of puppy shots + 3 more Full Sets of puppy booster shots to be  fully safe from disease and illness including parvo. Most puppies you’re going to visit are younger than vaccinating age or are under 8 weeks old. These puppies are especially HIGHLY at RISK for getting SICK from VISITORS. It is very crucial to control the environment in which they are exposed to strangers and or other strangers animals.  Many people raising dogs allow visitors to meet  and touch their very young  puppies  without concern for this awful disease. Either they are not willing to  pay for the extra vaccine or some are simply ignorant on how deadly this can be, and some are just not knowledgeable dog breeders. They would simply rather “get that puppy sold” than protect them until they are safe for visitors to meet. Parvo can kill an ENTIRE LITTER in just a matter of days, Many will die within the first 24 hrs. It can make the mommy dog sick enough to die because her immune system’s weakened by raising & feeding her puppies. To help protect our puppies from visitors and illness, as well as those puppies that may be too young for a regular puppy vaccination. We give our puppies a "parvo only" vaccine to help protect them at 4-5 weeks. This vaccine is safe for them, it is the only vaccine they are able to get at this age.  It helps protect them by starting to build immunities to this horrible easily passed disease.  This is just a way to help them START building immunities to this horrible disease. Again they need all 4 sets of shots to be fully safe from it. So they are still at risk for it. However, They are much safer then puppies without the vaccine. Most people raising dogs do NOT give their puppies this "EXTRA" vaccine, because it is an extra expense and can be very costly. We do this to help protect our puppies as much as we can. Our rule of NO VISITORS before 5 weeks, is so that we can protect our puppies until they can get this vaccine BEFORE they are visited by strangers who may bring us this horrible disease without even knowing. Again, they can still get sick, but this would help them to fight the disease if they were exposed to it.  Parvo is the most deadly easily passed disease for killing puppies. Therefore, we ask you:





YES, We STRONGLY encourage you to go puppy shopping so that you can see what else is out there. But for the safety of all animals out there, please please go home and change everything you are wearing, including your shoes and wash thoroughly.  You will be amazed at how many breeders lack knowledge and experience, how many back yard breeders there are, and or scary conditions puppies and dogs are raised in. You will also, VERY quickly find that we have extremely nice healthy quality puppies,  from extremely friendly, super nice well mannered parents and grand parents that we have personally raised.  They are some of the nicest Dog's out there. Our pups go very quickly, as most of our puppies go to families that are referrals or repeat clients who already first hand know we have extremely nice dogs/puppies.  More than 80% of our client's are  repeat or referred clients. During the busier times of the year, we see more than 90% repeat client's. We do not want to put our puppies at risk for “the sake of a sale of a puppy“. We value their health and want to keep them healthy more than anything else. So if you would like to go puppy shopping and planning to visit several places, Please respect our concerns for our puppies health & WAIT to visit our puppies and our farm on another day when you can come wearing clean clothes & shoes, and not from any other puppy places. As we can not protect our puppies if you do NOT respect our request and you expose our loved ones to this horrible disease. We always prefer you to come straight from your home if possible. Again, THANK YOU for reading this and respecting our wishes. Please be safe while out looking for your new family member. We ONLY want you to have a happy healthy puppy for your family to enjoy :) We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


  Canyon Meadows Farm  253-431-6347 

12112 52nd Ave E,  Tacoma WA 98446   E-Mail: canyonmeadows@msn.com


We have heard that Parvo is going around right now, passing threw people looking for puppies.  It is always present at parks and places you go, but most dogs  going there have been already Fully Vaccinated, for it. Right now,  it is going around being spread most likely threw people puppy shopping. It is more likely being carried just as we have said, by families going to meet puppies. We know of some places locally that our vets have confirmed have it. We are very protected while here on our farm and will continue to be safe as long as everyone does what we have asked. We have been blessed by our clients to respect our concerns in the past and have been able to keep our farm safe from it. We can only continue to do so if you all respect our health and safety requests. But if your out shopping you may get exposed to it and not even know it, again it can be transferred like the common cold. You may not even know you have been exposed to it. IF you come to our farm  without getting rid of those clothes shoes etc, fully washing yourselves  YOU would be bringing it to us and YOU would be issuing our puppies/dogs a death sentence. 



Please let us know ahead of time, IF you have been at any pet stores, animal shelters or other type places, meeting or playing with puppies/dogs.  This way you can respect us and our working hard to keep our dogs/puppies healthy.  If you have been at any of these typ of places, please re

spect us enough to NOT come and visit our farm 

after visiting other places.

Let us know, so we can properly schedule an appointment for you, to ensure our dogs/puppies are safe from possible exposure.  If you have plans to visit other places or 

would rather not visit us for any other reason, we can easily set up 

an alternate time for you to come out to our farm.

 I would be more than happy to do so. 


Just some FOOD FOR THOUGHT for those of you out looking for a new puppy or dog:  If you are invited to visit puppies or someone is showing puppies to you 

before they can be vaccinated ie younger than 6-8 wks OR prior to them 

vaccinating the puppies for the first time where upon they do not know 

to give a Parvo vaccine early to protect them or they do not give a 

Parvo vaccine as we do, the risks of these puppies and or adults for carrying 

Parvo is extremely high. By going there, you can even make your animals 

at home sick as well. We’ve heard of people showing puppies as young as 

a week old, letting strangers touch them. Again, all of which 

can make them sick and die. If the conditions are not clean & sanitized 

& people are visiting young un-vaccinated puppies, Then they’re NOT 

protecting those puppies. Chances are the place you are at will have 

disease and illness including Parvo or may already have it. 

You may not even know it. It would be inevitable that they could eventually get 

Parvo at sometime or another and may lose many or all of the puppies even 

the adult dogs et sick. Parvo can also cause serious health issues IF they 

are able to get enough medical care to even make threw this horrible disease.